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The 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Source revealed that all migrant workers are scheduled to continue the project of the site’s construction in five month without a rest. After the publication of the news, some people begin to worry about the healthy condition of these migrant works. Whether these migrant workers could keep healthy in the case? In order to survive from the intense work, all migrant workers shall be keep in a good emotion. As the monitor dedicated in supervising external compliance, the organization found that all migrant workers participating the project have working over 72 hours in a single week, exceeding the intensity of planned schedule obviously.

Under the supervision of the Supreme Committee, the news will be a simple impression for many migrant workers. The report also revealed that only 19 construction companies were assessed while the other 12 construction companies have no systems to monitor the working hours of migrant workers.

In general, 90 hours is the limit of common working intensity while the extreme condition a 402 working hours. Even three migrant workers of a contractor didn’t ask a day leave in 124 and 148 consecutive calendar days. Aims of the report lies in solving the severe contractual problems. Besides the over-intense work, most new workers are paid an average salary $1,248 while many of them haven’t got the receipts, viewing from interviews with a sample of 24.

The government organization of Switzerland side claims that all monitoring efforts also can clean the Swiss financial center. An office of federal department indicated that the attorney general of Qatar will sign a working agreement on the basis of mutual assistance. Swiss side have suspected some people participated money laundering, so that Qatar and Russia is scheduled to host FIFA World Cup in 2022 and in 2018 respectively.

The Famous American Referee – Mark Geige

He will perform a ritual prior to the beginning of each game he will play. He says he is fear of failure. He was widely regarded as an accomplished referee of the USA. Now, he takes the position of referee in Major League Soccer (MLS). He also take the position of a referee of 2018 FIFA World Cup. He started his refereeing career since 1988. After several decades, he is selected as a referee of United States Soccer Federation in 2003.

He said he can feel something before kickoff when he is packing his suitcase in his room. When he taking a shower before board a bus to the game, he felt anxiety and tinge. Ahead of the visiting of Philadelphia Union at the new Mercedes-Benz in Atlanta, he tries to distract himself to other things rather than the ritual. He is a once math teacher in Pine Beach, New Jersey. When he was a student of a local elementary school, he started playing a role as a refereeing. He said that the identity of referee can make himself stuck with football games than being an athlete. He reffed another important international game four years later.

Is it Necessary to Concern for the 2018 World Cup

Football match against Manchester City symbolize the end of frustrations of wideman’s on Sunday. The recent football match also summarized efforts of crucial football players in the world. As a matter of fact, many Nigerian internationals impressed all people with sub-par performances for the approaching 2018 FIFA World Cup. The reason for all these sub-par performances may come from less and less time. Although the surface preparations of Nigeria national football team is tranquil, the Nigeria football team is hard to maintain their momentum with the approaching of the important sports event.

As a crucial football player of Nigeria side, his outstanding performances in qualifications are in a good momentum. Nevertheless, the performance of the football player has caught concerning from various aspects increasingly, for his reducing statistics on the basis of broader malaise. As the Pensioners’ right wing-back, Moses’s function in football game against others are more important after 18 months.

It’s estimated that some youths like Kelechi Iheanacho and Alex Iwobi will become backbones of Nigeria national football team in the future. They are also the symbol of figureheads of Super Eagles team, which is directed by a German coach. However, both of them were involved in tricky campaigns. But Kelechi Iheanacho have not won any score for Leicester City after leave from Man City ahead of the season. Through a whole season, he only played three Premier League football games for his team, failing to net a goal and breaking previous duck.

Is it possible that the 21 years old will become lead goal scorer from hardship in the East Midlands to thrive in Russia? After moved to club Arsenal, Alex Iwobi failed to impressed most people with outstanding performances. The experience of Alex Iwobi wasn’t better than that in North London. Although Iwobi made efforts to maintain his consistency with Moses, his performances on football pitch haven’t been improved greatly. The reason may be caused by broader troubles of his team.

Given the specific condition, shortcomings of club Arsenal shall not be attributed to the young attacker for his poor ability in dangerous area, weak finishing and underwhelming defensive contribution. Because of weak sense of discipline, the Nigeria national football team will cost more energy and fund in combats with skilled rivals like Croatia side, Iceland side and Argentina side. Recently, red cards for two footballers like William Troost-Ekong and Leon Balogun reveal their unreliability in defensive attacks from outside world.

The Nigeria’s coach would like to dispatch Enrico Pionetti to Spain to learn something from Francis Uzoho, who is a Nigeria international worked for club Deportivo. The behavior is also a kind of recognition for Francis Uzoho from the German head coach. It is also a dangerous strategy in front of heavy pressure and dissatisfying performances at present. It’s perfect for everyone to figure out the problem at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and everyone also could put on cheap football kits of their favorite football teams our online store.