How to Save Money on Your Vitamins and Supplements

If you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, then it’s likely that you take some type of vitamin complex. Perhaps you are experiencing joint pain or arthritis and use supplements to ease the symptoms. Whatever your reason for taking vitamins and/or supplements, you know one thing – it can get costly.

Given that you need to continue to resupply each month, the bills can add up. Unless you know where to look…keep reading.


Just because a vitamin or supplement supplier doesn’t have a physical store doesn’t mean they can’t provide you with high-quality products.

The benefit to customers like yourself is that the savings of leasing and maintaining a physical store are reflected in the price of the products. This is simply because a web-based store can operate out of a warehouse without fancy lights and signs.

Buy in Bulk

If you know that you will need a certain vitamin for a long period, consider buying it in bulk. Stores like the Groupon Coupons page for Office Depot offer bulk quantities of vitamins and energy supplements. These can even be delivered to your home or office.

Many of the bulk orders are simply pre-wrapped smaller containers. They are sold in bulk because they are stored that way in the warehouse (no shelving and lighting required). For this reason, speak with friends and family who might also take the same vitamins and supplements and arrange a group order to individually take advantage of bulk prices.

Stop Throwing out Catalogs

If you have a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign on your mailbox, take it off! Catalogs are one of the best places to find seasonal deals and promotions on brand named products which need to be moved. If possible, sign up to the mailing list for any pharmacies and nutrition stores where you can further receive discounts and offers.

There’s just no getting around vitamins and supplements; if you need them, you need them! However, you don’t need to continue paying full price for something which you need to take every day. Check out the ideas on this list and see how much you can save.