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The Impact Of Britain Leaving The European Union

Outgoing premier league chief executive Andrew Scudamore has long felt the dangers facing the world’s richest league. As early as June 2016, three days before the British government voted to leave the European Union, he warned that if the final vote was to leave the European Union, the future development of the English premier league under his rule might be a dramatic change, or even completely inconsistent with its original image. “The reason we’re so popular around the world is because we’re always open to business, discussion, collaboration, ” Scudamore said at the time. “The premier league is open and inclusive. If we were on the other side, the image of the premier league would be very different. That week, however, 17. 4 m British voters ended up on the other side. Now, two and a half years later, the premier league looks set to face the same collapse that Scudamore warned of. No matter what happens when Britain leaves the European Union in less than four months, English football will change. From the perspective of British history and culture, this reflects the political ecology of the UK and the forces behind its political pattern for a country with huge differences on the Brexit issue. Such a political moment will affect so many areas that the soil on which English football is based will naturally be affected and its system changed.

That’s because the political climate in the U. K. favored the premier league during the 1990s and 2000s, and without that, it’s hard to imagine the league, now the most watched in the world, rising to its current size. During this period, the UK enjoyed steady economic growth, low control and continuous improvement in infrastructure construction. It is well-known that the 1990 World Cup affected a generation of British people, and the continuous development of Britain has made such a consumer-based country fall in love with football again after this World Cup. Back then, there were few other schemes with the near-perfect timing and soil for growth of the premier league. The premier league soon became a key part of British public life, pervaded by the Blair Cameron government: it was successful, modern, profitable, cosmopolitan as well as cosmopolitan. It attracts outstanding overseas player, but also for the growth of their worldwide with confident posture, reference advocation of trade liberalism of British politician Peter Mandelson sentence, “to the people in the form of ugly rich extremely tolerant attitude” in after a long period of time, people always think the premiership will be kept global posture, but Britain in terms of turnover of freedom is actually based on the foundation of British politics. In 2016, British voters saw the openness and inclusion that Scudamore praised in the premier league and decided to end it. Almost three years after the referendum, the fa faces a new test. One of the fa’s duties is to review the work permits granted by the government when players from outside the European Union enter the premier league. Once the free movement of talent in the EU ends, their workload is bound to increase dramatically, as more players will need visas to play in the premier league. So the fa needs a new management style.